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Smilies by Gilles Nuytens

Gilles Nuytens' portfolio also include the creation of THOUSANDS of smilies that people are using all over the world on websites and forums. Created firstly for the fun, they are now being used by hundreds of forums, mostly sci-fi. Amongst the smilies you will recognize characters from various TV shows and movies such Stargate, Doctor Who, Terminator, Heroes, House MD, Battlestar Galactica,... Here is a selection of some smilies. Follow this link to access all the scifi smilies!












Smilies created by Gilles Nuytens
All the smilies are © Gilles Nuytens. Don't use without permission.

Gilles Nuytens - Auteur - Acteur - Infographiste
© Gilles Nuytens